Top latest versions of WordPress tool

WordPress is an open source free blogging tool that is based on the MySQL and PHP that is being used by more than 60 million web pages and blogging forums for its enhanced free features and utilities. Its expertise in content management and splendid architecture of plugin as well as the theme system is one of the reasons why WordPress is becoming popular day by day.
Founded in the year 2003, the WordPress utility has undergone various tech advancements, improvements and has introduced thousands of new features in order to make an impression through its utterly interactive Graphics user interface. Here, we look at some of the recent versions and developments that have been made in the free blogging tool of WordPress.
Basie was released in the year 2013, making quite a noise and rumble in the blogosphere. With the facility of automatic application of maintenance and security updates, much more intelligent suggestions for keys and passwords as well as strong support for the quick automatic installation of right files in suitable language- The Baise surely was one of the most secured versions released till date as it supported automatic updation and maintenance.
Parker was released just months after the release of Baise. Although it was one of the most secure versions, Baise still lacked a good user interface in the admin working mode and surely did need some improvements. The Parker introduced an improved interface for the admin, responsive design and templates along with credibility for small devices like tablets and mobiles, typography using Open Sans and a stunning new redesigned theme management interface. The main dashboard of the work was simplified for the better to a great extent and the colour schemes for the admin also underwent major change.



Smith became one of the stronger versions of the WordPress tools as it was released over the Parker in the year 2014. The first of its kind in context of the user interface, the Smith was surely a masterpiece in design. The ability to handle live widgets and a refined theme installer enhanced itsover all look. The improvements and changes brought to the user interface while processing and editing of pictures using the in built editor for media also changed the game for WordPress. Thus, it was more like a display enhancement of the WordPress tool in their version of Smith.
Dinah is the latest and the most recent version of the WordPress tool that is being used by the millions of users today. Although the version of 4.1 does not bring out much of a change as compared to its previous version of Benny, Dinah does account for improvement and changes in its thousands of themes and plugins that are set to rock the blogosphere and all the managements done through the tool Worpress.



Undoubtedly and unarguably, WordPress has risen to popularity in just a span of 10 years and is set to become one of the most frequently used software tools by users all over the world. Be it simple wordpress blogging and archiving or the best wordpress hosting on web, WordPress does give you a one shot solution to all of it with its recent changes and developments.

Tips before Playing an Online Game

Online games can make you really excited, excited enough to make your heart beat twice as fast. Playing online games can make you feel relaxed after a day’s work. It is not good to be married to your job and focus on it all the days of your life. You need to have some time of enjoyment, fun, and relaxation. That being said, playing online games can give you something that you might just need.
The internet has a lot –literally –of games that are available for you to enjoy. You just have to have a computer and a stable internet access to find a wide array of games; be it action games, role playing, dress up and/or mind boggling games. But before you begin, here are some tips that you need to take into consideration before.
There are literally thousands free online games available that you can enjoy. All you need is a computer with internet access. You will find a large selection of inter-active, action games, board games, puzzles and more. Before you begin, here are several simple tips you will want to remember!
Know the Rules

If you are new to a game and you don’t know how to play it, carefully read the game description and follow through. Some online games may sound familiar because of the titles, but the game itself will not be as familiar as you thought.
Mostly, online games have simple steps so that you will know what to do and how to win.
Be Safe and Secure

With regards to online games, your identity and information will somewhat be hard to hide because there are games that need to have live voice and/or chat. It is advised –if you want to keep your identity –to use a voice mask if you are going to play a game that requires voice chat. It’s always best to learn more from the top league of legends coaching.
Keep Away from Viruses

There are online games that are downloaded online, and a disadvantage of this is there may be viruses that are attached to them when you download or play them. The key to avoid this is to look for the most legit sites that offer online games. Additionally, install an antivirus so that you can be warned that what you are about to play/download is a threat to your computer.
Adware and Spyware are two of the most dangerous threats for online gamers as they were designed to be difficult to remove. These viruses can lead to identity theft and may destroy your computer.
Truly video games can give and provide people the fun that they just need when they are stressed. You can play games to relax after a hectic and a stressful day. You can play an online game to exercise your brain as some games can help enhance your logic and thinking skills. You can play a game online to learn more things and even meet new people.
What was mentioned above are only some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind before playing an online game, but this will suffice and will be enough for you to be ready to play online. Go start the right way and enjoy gaming.