Important Things to Learn Regarding WordPress Typography

A lot of WordPress designer groups seem to assume that typography is simply choosing the correct plugin to acquire “cool fonts” onto their posts and pages. That’s understandable since almost anybody might get that notion after reading a lot of typography-related blog posts. However, typography as an art is so much more than cool fonts. In fact, the power of typography could make a huge difference when it comes to the manner by which your visitors would react to your WordPress web sites.

No Web Site can be Truly Excellent without Great Typography

There are so many typographers out there, but the main problem is that many of them aren’t even qualified to handle the job. Some were even working as typographers even before the world of WordPress has been created. Studies show that excellent typography could increase reading comprehension and ease the readers’ fatigue. Some people would even agree that good typography would make the web page look even better.

Without even attending art school, we could appreciate the art of typography and accept the truth that it makes a huge difference. Marketing specialists know that the biggest part of Apple’s high quality image and coolness factor originates from typography. Steve Jobs is a huge fan of typography and from the start he insisted on incorporating a one-of-a-kind classic typeface as well as high level typography, with all things flawlessly spaced and in perfect contrast.

Typography is Everywhere

It’s everywhere and the readers are actually affected by it although they may not be consciously aware of such. Typography does not simply affect the appearance the page; it plays an important role in setting the mood of the individual who is reading and viewing your page. Studies found 2 essential ways of measuring the effect of bad versus good typography: reduced corrugators muscle activation when people frown less and enhanced performance when it comes to creative cognitive tasks that were tackled after reading. It appears that good typography could even make your web site guests happier and this could certainly be achieved when you hire the best WordPress services.

Visitors to Stay or Leave

Here’s one more rationale to bring your typography to the highest level: You’ve probably noticed that individuals don’t like to read and with numerous other things to accomplish, interest in reading isn’t what it ought to be. However, many of us maintained their pleasure and enjoyment for reading. Some only read at times and only when they have to – they’d like to find out what really happened or they’d want to know if something really works. In short, these people go to a web site to look it up; however, they didn’t want to read. Here’s the key point – a lot of readers are merely searching for a good reason not to read or to stop reading. Even the slightest setback with what they are reading could make them give up.

Bad or Good typography

Which one could make reluctant readers more likely to give up reading? Typography (bad or good) makes a difference between visitors remaining on your web site or browsing elsewhere.